What is a work party?

When someone needs to do a big lawn-mowing project, they buy a bigger lawnmower or hire a service. When someone needs to do a big natural yard project, they organize a group of friends to help.

Such a gathering is known as a work party. People go to them to learn more about natural yards, to “pay forward” help they received at a work party in their own yard, or simply to enjoy seeing a natural yard in the company of like-minded friends.

A work party can be called by naming a time and place, describing the type of work that will be done, and suggesting what tools or other items to bring. It’s best to have a well-defined project in mind – otherwise, everyone will bring their own opinion on what should be done and how to do it!

Invitations are generally open and RSVPs are not required. All who are willing to pitch in are welcome to attend.

What is a work party?

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