What attracts birds to a yard?

Food and cover. Birds will visit a place that offers something to eat and a place to hide. A diversity of plants will provide both of these.

Water. Birds need to drink, and some enjoy the opportunity to bathe. A pond or birdbath will attract more birds and increase the range of activities they engage in. The birdbath in That Yard features nearby perches, good visibility, and easy access to cover. A water spinner attracts birds while deterring mosquitoes. It’s not unusual to see birds fighting for a turn to bathe!

Nesting opportunities. Birds will stay longer if there’s a place to build a nest and materials to build it with. While some birds nest high in trees, many prefer to nest in shrubs. Moss, tall grass, and old leaves all make good nesting materials.

Safety from predators. Dense cover, such as that provided by evergreens, helps keep birds safe from predators. So does keeping cats indoors: housecats kill billions of birds every year.

Other birds. Ironically, birds are attracted by other birds. Be patient – your first few feathered visitors will encourage others to come join them!

What attracts birds to a yard?

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