What is having a natural yard like?

Having a natural yard is a different lifestyle from having a lawn. While it may not be the right choice for everyone, it can be the source of a lot of enjoyment.

When you have a natural yard…

  • A hawk swoops into your tree while you are eating dinner.
  • A mother rabbit plays with her baby right outside your window.
  • It is not unusual to look outside and see a dozen animals moving around.
  • Because the scene is always changing, you find yourself looking out your window as though you have never seen that view before.
  • You find yourself using the yard as an extra living room.
  • While you are doing so, birds and chipmunks come within feet of you.
  • Your dinner table features foods that were harvested minutes ago.
  • You can go on vacation without worrying about who will take care of the yard, because it takes care of itself.
  • Rain and snow become gifts.
  • So do fallen leaves. Money does grow on trees.
What is having a natural yard like?

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