What is this a picture of?


This is a picture of healthy soil.

A year and a half ago, though, it wasn’t soil at all: it was a pile of cardboard, paper, sticks, leaves, and old socks. After the pile was built, nothing further was done to it. Rain fell, worms arrived, and organic matter decomposed.

A core component of natural gardening is turning waste into resources, and letting nature do most of the work to make it happen. Now, instead of sitting in a landfill, the “waste” materials will be used to grow new plants.

Beyond the photo above are several more cubic yards of this healthy soil. Buying that much soil would have cost hundreds of dollars. With a little patience, it was instead produced onsite for free.

Natural gardening doesn’t lend itself to instant gratification, but it harnesses powerful processes that slowly and steadily produce great value.

What is this a picture of?

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