What is a permaculture design certification?

As we have seen over the past twelve weeks, permaculture is a rigorous discipline for living sustainably on the land. Like with other rigorous disciplines, it is possible to become officially credentialed in permaculture. This credential is known as a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC).

Unfortunately, obtaining a PDC typically requires spending thousands of dollars to attend a several-week-long retreat, at which learners take intensive courses and complete a significant design project. This commitment of time and money is beyond the reach of many who are interested in permaculture.

The good news is that permaculture leaders recognize that the barriers to obtaining a PDC are steep, and that this is out of line with the idea that permaculture is for everyone. Thus, a number of more accessible ways to learn about permaculture have been developed. While these materials don’t lead to an official PDC, they are enough to enable a homeowner to get started with permaculture on their own property.

In addition to a variety of books, there are websites such as the Open Permaculture School, which offer hundreds of hours of free videos – mostly recordings of lectures from credential-granting PDC courses.

The principles and methods of permaculture are easy to learn, and implementing just a few of them around our homes can make our lives infinitely richer.

What is a permaculture design certification?

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