What is the best way to water plants? (How much?)

As explained in the last post, an “average” plant needs an inch of water a week. But how should that be distributed across the seven days?

In general, plants prefer to receive water in big doses, rather than in little sprinkles. Don’t worry that the plant won’t be able to absorb and store a lot of water all at once – a mature tree can take up hundreds of gallons in a heavy rainstorm.

A good rule of thumb is to water the plant, wait a minute for the water to sink into the ground, then water the plant again. If the second dollop of water isn’t quite fully absorbed after another minute, then the soil is well-saturated, and the plant has plenty of water.

If a rainfall provides half an inch of water, there’s no need to rush out and provide the other half-inch right away. But it’s not necessary to water a little bit every day, either. Plants are more than capable of dealing with a somewhat irregular watering schedule.

What is the best way to water plants? (How much?)

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