What is the status of That Blog?

A lot has changed since That Blog was launched four years ago.

Around the same time that the first posts were being published, the National Pollinator Garden Network – an association of conservation non-profits, civic organizations, and garden industry trade groups – was beginning a campaign to bring about the creation and registration of 1 million new pollinator-friendly gardens.

By the end of 2018, the Network had not only met that goal, but passed it by tens of thousands of gardens. The association estimates that over 8 million people contributed to this remarkable achievement, and that the new gardens represent more than 5 million acres of habitat for pollinators. The vast majority of the gardens – 85% of those registered for the campaign – are small plantings in urban and suburban residential neighborhoods.

This shift in gardening behavior has been accompanied by a massive change in attitudes towards native plants and natural gardens. Since the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge began, associations representing garden centers report a 92% increase in consumer demand for pollinator-friendly plants. 83% of landscape architects say that more and more of their customers are asking for sustainable designs using native plants. And the idea that gardens can and should provide important ecological functions is rapidly replacing the idea that gardens are solely for decoration.

Over the past four years, much has changed for That Blogger too. Since creating That Blog, the writer has completed a master’s thesis about the importance of native plant gardening, successfully established a native plant garden, and moved into a communications position with a major national conservation non-profit.

Due to the increasing weight of competing obligations, and the declining need to produce and share information about environmentally-friendly gardening practices, That Blog will no longer be actively updated. All 230 posts will remain published indefinitely, to educate and inspire all readers.

That Blogger thanks you for your support, and wishes you great joy and success in all your gardening endeavors.

What is the status of That Blog?

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